Vila Rachel – Olive Oil (Azeite)


The difference between our olive oil and the oils coming from mono-intensive agriculture is quite large. Our olives are grown organically and naturally, without any chemicals including pesticides, herbicides or artificial fertilizers. We try to make agriculture as wild as possible to enrich the soil microbiome, and as a result, we get very tasty and concentrated olives . Instead, in a mono-intensive olive grove, the concept of biodiversity is relegated to the background, and all chemicals used will damage the entire soil microbiome, affecting the taste and the nutritional quality of the olives. Another big difference is that most of our olive trees are centenary (some three hundred years old) compared to mono-intensive olive trees that are no more than ten years old. After that years, they are cut down to plant new ones. The difference is that in centenary olive trees, production is smaller and therefore with more quality. The fruit has more concentrated properties.


Varieties: Corduvil, Bical, Madural and Coimbreza
Age of the trees: centenarian olive trees
Production: 800 bottles
Label: Very old sepia photograph of Quinta Vila Rachel in 1923



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