Indicío – White



Origin – The Indício White Malvasia Rei 2020 originates from an old vineyard located in Vila Maior, at an altitude of 250 meters. Known worldwide as Palomino, called by farmers the “debt payer”, in reference to its high yields.

The Indício White Malvasia Rei is the result of a traditional Douro winemaking process. The grapes are harvested and then poured into the lagar with a whole bunch. Then they are then foot trodden in order to obtain the desired extraction.

Alcoholic fermentation takes place in the lagar in constant contact with the skins and the stems. This wine was vinified in a minimalist and natural way containing only grapes.

Aging – Aged in stainless steel to keep the specific varietal minerality and floral aromas.

Delicate on the nose hints of lemon and green apple. In taste, dry, very fresh and it clearly has the intense minerality, saltiness and with floral notes.


Grapes: Field Blend of indigenous Douro grape varieties.

Alcohol: 10%

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