Indicio – Garganta Funda


The Garganta Funda Red is the result of a traditional Douro winemaking process. The grapes are harvested and then poured into the lagar with a whole bunch. Then they are then foot trodden in order to obtain the desired extraction. Alcoholic fermentation takes place in the lagar in constant contact with the skins and the stems. This wine was vinified in a minimalist and natural way containing only grapes.

Quite a unique wine with ethereal and lifted red fruits. Unfiltered with racy acidity with light body. Aromatically compelling and zesty on the palate.

Light, earthy and simple structure.

Works perfectly with weekday light meals or a DnD session.


Grapes: Field Blend of indigenous Douro grape varieties.

Alcohol: 12,5%

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