Thyro was born out of love in the small village of Barrô, on the banks of the Douro River, more precisely in Quinta de Vilarinho and Quinta da Enxertada, located in the parish of São Martinho de Mouros.

Thyro is the fruit of the hard work and inspiration of Maria Teresa Vieira Cardoso, the mom of João Lopes. It is a story of preservation of origins, memories and heritages, reflected in every detail of the Thyro brand. Maria Teresa had retired and her son decided to give a new meaning to family properties. Initially divided between the frenetic life of the city of Lisbon and the challenging life of the rural environment, João decided to move permanently to the countryside in 2019.

His grandfather Mário Cardoso’s lands are now once again full of life and action, preserving of the family patrimony and sharing the fruit of the land through exceptional wines.

In addition to his singular wines, João also produces olive oil and honey.

All his creations are the perfect match for your everyday food celebrations.