Quinta de Tourais

Quinta de Tourais has been in the family for four generations since 1940. The Quinta dates back to the foundation of Portugal (1142), and has experienced the presence of the monks of the Cistercian Order. Descendants of the farmers now continue the work started by their grandparents who have always had a connection with the cultivation of vines and have passed on the message of how important the connection to the land is.

This connection makes the owners of the Quinta respect and use natural resources without compromising their future. Since 1999 the owners have started to bottle their wines made in stone presses that are over 200 years old (they still tread on foot), passing on the Duriense family tradition.

Quinta de Tourais believes in making small batches of different wines, offering several options on a very small scale. With only 8 hectares of vines, their production varies between 15 and 18 thousand bottles per year.

The owners love art and you can’t make wine without art and without connection to the Earth, and this is very well portrayed on the wines and labels.

Quinta de Tourais strongly supports the idea of being faithful to what the vineyard gives, to respect Nature and its designs, and to make wines with the least intervention possible.